False Ground was released in December 1998 during my senior year of high school.

Here are some selections (of 25 total tracks on the CD):

Following in much the same vein as my first CD, False Ground more fully explored the sonic capacities of my simple consumer keyboard and notation software. Again, every dynamic, drum beat, timing, etc. was entered either at the computer or with the keyboard. Absolutely no preset beats, patterns, or samples were used. The pieces longer with more complex forms. Though many of the ideas were originally conceived while playing keyboard or Chapman Stick, the final recordings were solely MIDI software controlling the sounds from my consumer-level keyboard. Though the recordings still lacked the nuance and expression capable in live performance, subtlety was added as much as possible with the tools at hand. I still quite enjoy these pieces.

For this album, I invested in professional factory manufacturing and printing. Enough copies were sold to break even, but I still have a lot of copies in boxes in my attic. The public interest in the music is somewhat irrelevant when there's no outlet to present it. Relatively few people ever heard any of this, despite my attempts at promotion including consigning copies at local record stores and sending copies to radio stations.

I am sharing the bulk of the album online here. If anyone would like a CD with printed inserts and 7 more bonus tracks not available here, limited numbers are available for the cost of shipping (although additional donations will be appreciated). Contact aaron@wolftune.com if interested.