Today, I spend most of my time studying or teaching. I have evaluated and carefully reviewed over 800 guitar methods, supplements, and music related books. I want to be  aware of what already exists before considering writing yet another guitar or music book. Recently my focus has been on academic subjects as I look into applying to grad school.

In 2008, I purchased a Tonal Plexus keyboard from H-Pi, making me one of the first owners of this unique instrument. Having a tuning of 205 distinct pitches per octave, the Tonal Plexus allows access to a nearly continuous range of pitch. This has always been available using fretless or key-less instruments such as cello, trombone, or the human voice. However, even after the necessarily intense training to control those, the traditional instruments instruments still are challenging to play with true precision and consistency in the manner of a fixed-pitch instrument like piano or guitar. In 2011, I got around to finally publishing some videos explaining this keyboard further.

I also now own a fretless guitar, which is an interesting cross between my classical guitar background and my interest in tuning and world music. I've come to really appreciate the smooth portamento gliding possibilities of a truly analog instrument. I recorded my improvisations with the instrument on the afternoon I first had it and made a YouTube video.

I've also taken an interest in the politics of copyright law, Free and Open-Source Software, other technology issues and Free Culture issues. My academic interests have matured into a focus on music psychology with connection to questions about cross-cultural music, perception, learning, meaning, and more. My writings on these subjects as well as other updates and new creative projects are all being shared on my updated site at